We are the Snails that slime your trails, we are the opposite to the fast and furious!!!! …but we are slowly getting there!

One thing is sure, you cannot stay behind us… not because you will never reach us… but simply because we are so slow, but so slow that you have to overtake us!!!! 😛 😛 😛
Just watch out for the slime on the trail!!! 😛 😛

Check the menu on the right to if you are curious about our riders or to have a look to our gallery of awards, which is huge, of course!!! 😛
Do not be disappointed from the little amount of them, just keep your expectations very little… we are working on it!! 🙂 🙂
The Posts History is full of great amateur articles, which are now more than 20, and some are really really interesting… and some for sure not 🙂

What we also aim to achieve with this page is to have a platform for the amateur rider which are passionate for this sport, and we provide the perfect search machine for bikes, tyres and apparel/clothing which we love! Simply pass the mouse on the top header bar where you have all the links we found for you already!!

By the way, we are very active on Instagram, follow us there @trailsnails and you will see amazing pictures of us, where we try to be creative and use new style and perspective, having fun and trying to copy professional riders in order to be super-pro cool bad-ass riders. 🙂 🙂

Check out a little Trailsnails applying all the tricks explained to him by his wise father: Snailsdevil:

Here a cool editing, showing how we train our kids when the season is not open:

Here below our logo, which was created in early 2014 with the creative help of Snailsdevil’s son, 8 Years old shredder!
The result is in our opinion great, and we are printing new caps which we will send to our members, and we are planning new shirt and maybe hoodies!!!

2014.22.11 logo-snail-DEF-300dpi